Emerson Network Power’s animated infographic shows how far energy savings can take you when using Energy Logic 2.0

Emerson Network Power’s animated infographic shows how far energy savings can take you when using Energy Logic 2.0

Emerson Network Power has released the infographic ‘How far can your data centre energy savings take you?’ to demonstrate the savings made possible by the Energy Logic 2.0 roadmap.


Recognising that kilowatts can feel abstract, the company developed the infographic to translate kW into measures of distance – miles and kilometres – plotted out on a round the world road trip.

Imagine taking the energy saved in an eight hour day in a data centre using Energy Logic 2.0 strategies and using that energy to power an electric car. How far could the electric car go? The new, animated infographic shows how far each Energy Logic 2.0 strategy would take you.

‘Energy efficiency remains a priority, and this infographic makes what it means to use the Energy Logic 2.0 strategies tangible,’ said Jack Pouchet, vice president of business development and director of energy initiatives for Emerson Network Power. ‘Given the technology advances in recent years, the time is now for data centre managers to look seriously at reducing overall energy consumption.’

Energy Logic 2.0 is a roadmap for driving dramatic reductions in energy consumption without risk to performance. The roadmap comprises 10 strategies that start with low power components and end with Data Centre Infrastructure Management. The strategies produce a cascade effect, through which savings at the IT component level are magnified in the supporting systems, supporting an overall approach that focuses on optimising the efficiency of core IT systems to drive the greatest savings.

To view the full infographic, visit the Emerson Network Power newsroom: www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/About/NewsRoom

To estimate the savings that could be achieved in a specific data centre, try using the Energy Logic Cascading Savings Calculator: www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Latest-Thinking/EDC/Resources/Pages/Cascading-Savings-Calculator.aspx

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