Viavi Solutions Top Tips: Avoid A Slow Network

Anybody with an enterprise network knows that downtime is costly. According to a recent study from EMC, the average cost of unplanned system downtime was $555,000 within twenty-two hours.

Even if you’re not experiencing a full-on outage, even a one-second load-time delay can result in 11 per cent fewer page views and a 16 per cent reduction in customer satisfaction. Here are three top tips to help IT teams avoid slow network times and avoid negatively impacting the bottom line.


  1. Set Performance Baselines: If you have not set network baselines by capturing packets, you can ask users and gather anecdotal evidence. If all systems appear to be operating optimally, now is a good time to run a packet capture and establish performance baselines.


  1. Track Round-Trip Times (RTT) and Other Metrics: One way to spot latency is to understand the request and the response. To do this, fire up the browser and send a request to the network and to the server that is hosting the application. The server will send back data. Measure how much time it takes for the three-way handshake (SYN/SYN-ACK/ACK) to occur. This information from the initial three-way handshake can be used to determine RTTs and client and server-related network delays. Tracking these metrics provides good approximations of latency and provides engineers direction into where issues are likely occurring.


  1. Proactively Monitor: Many performance management tools allow you to actively monitor your network. Compare performance today with baselines frequently to see how it measures up. Open source free software is one way to keep latency in check and packets are the most reliable way to analyse the traffic that is traversing your network. By setting accurate baselines, tracking metrics, and proactively monitoring your network, you and your team will be able to identify and repair any network latency.


These tips were provided exclusively for NCN readers as part of the third annual Viavi Solutions Wireshark Week which ends today.

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