Viavi Solutions Top Tips: Three Traits of Cloud Ready Performance Monitoring Tools


According to the Ninth Annual State of the Network Global Study, cloud and hybrid IT adoption is growing aggressively. In fact, one quarter of respondents indicated that their companies are now running the majority of applications in the cloud. This will double in 2017 with nearly half of respondents running the majority of applications in the cloud.

Many IT enterprise organisations now support a combination of internal and external cloud resources that are orchestrated and managed as one unified hybrid infrastructure. These IT organisations deploy enterprise applications that span these resources. With hybridised applications, assuring cloud performance becomes essential.

With that in mind, traditional network monitoring tools are beginning to take on a new role as cloud monitoring tools, however their efficacy depends on three key traits.

1. In packets we trust! – Open source protocol analyser Wireshark has been widely used behind the firewall for packet analysis by network engineers. Packets provide the most reliable source of insight. In a cloudy world, packets never lie!

2. Practicality – For troubleshooting, any type of problem going over any type of network can benefit from traditional tools that capture traffic. Moving resources to the cloud won’t remove the need for traditional network tools – even if it’s just to monitor the traffic between the enterprise and the provider.

3. Solution integration – What a tool lacks in sophistication, it can make up for with integration. Since cloud environments are usually much larger than an enterprise network, any useful tool will need to play well with others. Wireshark’s capabilities can be augmented with any number of cloud enabled solutions. Going from simple packet capture to building out more complex network dependency maps can often help not only with increasing the speed of troubleshooting but also in validating service level agreements. With any solution, explore possible future integrations so that as your network scales, your performance management solution is well-positioned to scale with it.

The third annual Viavi Solutions Wireshark Week takes place 5th-9th December, 2016 and all this week readers of NCN will be offered exclusive insight to help hone their network troubleshooting skills. In addition to TCP tips and tricks, there will be sessions on: security secrets for network teams; monitoring cloud performance using packets; analysing advanced applications and simpler workflows for rapid troubleshooting.

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