Unlimited Data Is Essential For Our Streaming Future Says Netflix CEO


As connectivity developments progress, we are breaching the boundaries of a tired, wired world and submitting to the anytime-anywhere lure of streaming everything.

Netflix is a pioneer of the streaming world and so it makes sense that their CEO would be on hand to comment on the future prospects of data availability for this streaming revolution. It is a firmly held industry opinion that at some point in the near and tangible future, just about all our content will be streamed and very little will actually be broadcast in the traditional sense. Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Google, BBC, Sky and all the world’s major news channels already stream a great deal of their content and as fast mobile connectivity becomes ubiquitous, the days of time specific broadcasts are becoming closer to a thing of the past.

To this end, the network service providers will need to step up to the plate in the sense that customers will need and likely expect ‘always on’ mobile connectivity and enough constant bandwidth to cope with what will have become the daily norm for data consumption.

Many experts believe that the industry will have to support the changes by offering free and unlimited data to all its customers, all of the time, and the resultant lack of caps and the sheer amount of data required means that these corporations will need to start planning for that eventuality sooner rather than later.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said at the 2017 Mobile World Congress: “Ten to 20 years from now all the video you view is going to be on the Internet.” He then went on to lay it his own prediction for the future of streaming content: “What we are going to see I think is a number of companies pioneering new ways of offering services to the consumers where it is unlimited video data but it is limited to say one megabit speed,” he said. “So, it is a slower speed but you get unlimited data on that and that turns out to be very efficient on network so an operator can offer unlimited viewing.”

It looks like our streaming future is firmly in the hands of the network providers and their ability to create a free and unlimited mobile data service. Our wireless future looks like it may depend on it.


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