Study concludes that STP cables are superior for 10 Gigabit Ethernet environments

Study concludes that STP cables are superior for 10 Gigabit Ethernet environments

Results of world’s first independent study on the effects of EMC radiation compares UTP and STP cabling systems have concluded that screened cables are safest for high end data traffic

Draka Communications has published the results of the world’s first independent study assessing UTP and STP cabling EMC radiation interference within 10 Gigabit Ethernet environments. The intensive study was conducted by GHMT AG, a leading German European independent test lab specialised in physical transmission security in networks, data centres and industrial environments.

During practical tests, the systems were exposed to sources of disturbance typical in offices and computer and data centres, such as walkie-talkies, GSM mobile phones, nearby power cables and fluorescent lamps. The report concluded that measurement based analyses in the lab on three different U/UTP systems one F/UTP and two S/FTP systems resulted in considerably safer EMC characteristics for the screened systems than for unscreened cabling systems. Both state-of-the-art S/FTP and U/UTP systems can achieve excellent transmission characteristics but the report shows that other factors within the cable proximity need consideration. Screened systems offer far better PS ANEXT and coupling attenuation values. The study highlighted that cabling systems with the best coupling attenuation values also scored the best EMC values in (active) immunity tests. In fact, coupling attenuation is the only key parameter suitable for comparing the EMC characteristics of cabling systems.

‘The new study demonstrates that for high end data centres, S/FTP cables offer the most secure option to guarantee the integrity of data traffic,’ said Zoran Borcic, EMEA product manager for copper data cables. ‘The revealing research results qualify STP as an essential link in protecting 10 Gigabit Ethernet traffic.’

Draka considers that this recent report is essential reading to reassure customers when they evaluate the many factors which could have an impact on the security and integrity of high performance data transmission ecosystems.

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