Siemon demonstrates advantages of ultra high density LightStack system

SC0348 LightStack video

As the film explains, the revolution caused by Big Data, cloud computing and virtualisation has driven the need for even higher port density in data centres and this video demonstrates how to achieve the maximum connectivity in the lowest amount of space.

Siemon’s new end-to-end fibre system, LightStack, is showcased in the video which illustrates how fibre counts of up to 144LC, or 864 fibres via 12 fibre MTP interface, can be accommodated in a single rack unit (1U).

The complete system is outlined, including the innovative patent-pending enclosure, high performance low loss plug and play modules, pass through adapter plates, trunking cables and best in class cable management features. Whilst density is maximised in this demonstration, ease of use is also highlighted, with easy access to connectivity at the front and rear of fully installed enclosures.

According to Siemon, this video is equally relevant to end users, data centre designers, consultants and installers. It seeks to introduce the high performance, high density fibre system in a clear and straightforward style whilst stressing the benefits in a realistic data centre application. Accessibility and ease of use is demonstrated, with modules and adapters being easily removed and inserted in a fully stacked enclosure, both from the front and rear. Cable management features are also highlighted, such as the swivel cable tie-down points on the rear of the LightStack enclosure, designed to maintain proper bend radius, and the enclosure’s magnetic door is demonstrated, showing how it avoids pinch points that can damage fibres.

Explaining the video, Charlie Maynard, fibre optic product manager, commented, ‘As today’s high density data centres migrate from 10 to 40 and 100 Gigabit speeds, they require low-loss fibre connectivity to support multiple mated connections for flexible patching options, whilst remaining within link loss budgets. At the same time, these connections need to be easily accessed and managed to quickly and effectively make changes.

‘With superior best-in-class features, our new LightStack ultra high density fibre system is uniquely positioned to overcome current and future fibre connectivity challenges and this video shows clearly how it achieves that.’

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