Seventy-six per cent of UK businesses fear the cloud

Seventy-six per cent of UK businesses fear the cloud

Inform warns UK businesses that don’t use the cloud could be left behind

After research revealed 76 per cent of UK businesses fear the cloud due to concerns over its security, Inform has warned that an aversion to technology could see UK businesses left trailing behind their European counterparts.

This research supports findings that show businesses are slower to adopt the cloud than the rest of Europe, with UK adoption at just 48 per cent, compared to 60 per cent in Europe. Among senior UK IT decision makers, 46 per cent have admitted concern over losing in house control, with 43 per cent confused to how the cloud can benefit their organisation.

Karsten Horn, director international sales of the Inventory and Supply Chain Division at Inform, said, ‘UK businesses may be averse to the cloud because of fears it will wrestle control away from them, but I firmly believe this is the wrong approach.

‘Technology can be an enabler for business growth, and to purposely avoid cloud solutions, which offer wide benefits, may have a detrimental impact and leave UK organisations failing to compete with their European rivals.’

Inform’s own data has shown that almost 50 per cent of all new customers utilise the cloud in some way, and around 20 companies adopt cloud variants of Inform products within one year after their go-to-market.

Karsten said, ‘Our data shows that businesses are becoming familiar with the benefits of the cloud to lower IT infrastructure capital and overheads. In response, our own recently launched cloud version of add*One 2012 software will enable companies to make fast and confident decisions even in volatile markets, such as spare parts, production or wholesale. The platform can also be used on mobile devices, so all management can access the key figures and remain in control of operations regardless of the time and place.’

Karsten Horn also argued that cloud solutions can enhance team working. ‘Technologies that allow managers to set employees working together in cyberspace provide for a more elastic concept of the workplace that offers the freedom to communicate and interact at anytime.

‘There really is no need for UK businesses to fear the cloud, and the benefits should outweigh any misplaced aversion to technology adoption. For UK businesses to grow and succeed long term, tools which can integrate communication and planning platforms, whilst  granting greater clarity over the entire supply chain should be considered essential. It’s time for businesses to put their heads in the cloud and utilise it for success.’


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