Rittal’s produce new White Paper on IT Security


Rittal’s new White Paper on IT security tackles the issues of physical hazards head on. It identifies fire, water, dust and fumes, falling debris, EM radiation and unauthorised access as prime risks and explores what can be put in place to prevent damage when such issues arise. 
The White Paper entitled ‘Physical security in IT and data centre technology’ is available to download now free of charge (www.rittal.com/imf/none/5_3483/).  
The Paper guides data centre planners and operators through the complexities of securing their sites. 
It highlights the European Standards and Certification needed to demonstrate effectiveness under test conditions and compliance not just for individual components but also, very importantly, systems. By that, it means systems for climate control, power supply and distribution, network connectivity, access control, and the structural shell – either a conventionally built room or a modular ‘room-in-room’.
the Paper continues with comprehensive discussions on International Protection categories, physical threats to the data centre and includes a review of IT security rooms. 

Further information about Rittal can be found at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd

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