Resellers predict growth in demand for wireless

Resellers predicts growth in demand for wireless

Ninety-three per cent of UK resellers expect their customers’ demands for wireless to grow, according to a survey by Zycko.

The research revealed that 78 per cent of resellers already offer wireless to their customers, who use it primarily (68 per cent) for data, and ranked security and reliability as the most important factors in selecting a wireless solution. According to respondents, the increase in the use of smart  phones and tablets is driving the trend, with 75 per cent claiming that customers had asked them about changing their network requirements to accommodate mobile devices.

However, only seven per cent of those surveyed claimed to have an advanced understanding of wireless virtualisation, with 42 per cent admitting to having little or no understanding of the technology, suggesting that the channel is still reliant on microcell technology. Less than 30 per cent of respondents were aware of the constraints of microcell, which include problems with radio interference, channel planning and bandwidth contention.

David Galton-Fenzi, Zycko’s group sales and marketing director, commented, ‘The channel’s positive forecasts for the wireless market are no surprise. However, as networks have to accommodate more smart phones and tablets, which require high density environments, the need to consider virtualised WLAN, such as that provided by Meru Networks, will quickly become apparent.’

A concurrent survey of business end users revealed that 40 per cent are spending more than £5,000 on network maintenance and 27 per cent are spending over £5,000 on copper cables each year.

Galton-Fenzi concluded, ‘With virtualised WLAN this level of spending becomes unnecessary. Wireless virtualisation represents a new way of building wireless networks, which demands more advanced technology from access points and controllers but less time and expense from the IT department. It is therefore likely that cost savings will drive growth in this market.’

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