R&M introduces Netscale: the high-density fibre cable management solution


Designed as an ultra-high density platform that utilises the smallest diameter uniboot patch cord for minimal cabling bulk, this solution boasts up to 67 per cent higher density than its competitors and promises to eliminate a host of cable management problems that plague data centres today.
The rapid growth in the volume of data being stored and managed in data centres in recent years has raised a clear need to realise maximum port density in the smallest space possible. However, increasing density often results in unmanageable cabling, which makes Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs), cable tracking and fault-finding impossible.
R&M has specifically designed its new solution keeping these challenges in mind. ‘Netscale is the next generation fibre optic solution, based on the quality and reliability for which the R&M brand is renowned,’ states Dr. Thomas Wellinger, market manager data centre, R&M. ‘Its combination of market leading features saves considerable amounts of -costly- space at large companies in the financial, pharma, colocation and telecom segments as well as edge data centres. In addition, the solution offers a lower cost per port than existing platforms, and provides a flexible upgrade path to accommodate needs for many years to come.’
Currently available high-density fibre solutions for data centres generally offer up to 72 LC duplex ports per rack unit and pose great difficulties for management. Thanks to R&MinteliPhy technology, Netscale delivers a density of up to 80 RFID-monitored LC duplex or MTP ports, and even 120 standard LC duplex or MTP ports per rack unit.
In most edge data centre cases, Netscale’s unmatched density makes it possible to consolidate all servers of the PoP into a 1U housing, leaving more space for switching/routing gear. The high density makes it possible for colocation providers to minimise meet-me-room footprint thereby freeing up space for more racks and switches. While the typical 10 to 15 cm draw-out-length of trays places stress on patch cords, Netscale’s industry minimum of 5.5 cm and its innovative approach to slack-management mitigate cabling damage and thus reduces the risk of downtime.
R&MinteliPhy automates the tracking of network cabling, thereby ensuring the data integrity of the documentation. This Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution can be retrofitted on Netscale which allows customers to gradually extend the features and functionality of their investment while managing costs. With the Netscale patch cord, the solution also features R&M’s new LC quick release connector in combination with the smallest available diameter uniboot patch cord and cable access from the rear and front.
For further information, please visit www.rdm.com

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