ISC president says IIoT lacks communication standards

Internet Society of China

The development of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which is an important support for smart manufacturing, lacks communication standards for interconnection and data security, according to Internet Society of China (ISC) president Wu Hequan.

Internet Society of China (ISC) president Wu Hequan
Internet Society of China (ISC) president Wu Hequan


IIoT structurally consists of four main parts: hardware terminal devices for collecting data, communication services (data transmission), cloud computing platforms and software systems; and they account for 5%, 10%, 10% and 55%, respectively, of the IIoT supply chain, said Wu, who is also a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Large quantities of sensors are used in IoT. In terms of the number of sensors used, IIoT ranks third next to IoT applications for smartphones and automobiles, arguably though it is likely to surpass them. While there is large diversity of IIoT-use sensors*, flow, pressure and temperature sensor take up 21%, 19% and 14% respectively of all IIoT sensors.

Past development of IIoT was hampered by a lack of efficient communication technologies. Field bus bar was the initial communication technology used in IIoT, but there were too many different standards. While Ethernet was later used in IIoT, industrial Ethernet saw many imcompatible standards.

IIoT is vulnerable to data breach. It always connected, and despite closed connectivity, physical separation renders it likely to be attacked by external viruses’ due to management negligence, Wu said.

As the impact of IIoT data insecurity is immeasurable, it is necessary to adopt strict information security technologies, such as real-time network monitoring and early warning, distributed sensing for industrial data, user recognition, tracking, decentralised authentication and experimental models, energy-efficient encryption and privacy protection for heterogeneous data.

It is also necessary to set up bridges between suppliers of IIoT technologies/products and industrial users and develop different solutions to meet demand from various industries and enterprise users.

* Sensors generate information and collection of information needs to use smart instruments, spot meters, distributed control systems, field control systems, PLCs (programmable logic controllers).


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