Government disincentives slowing carbon saving in the data centre industry

This year the 2013 Census will aim to establish, amongst many other things, how far the industry has moved forward in terms of monitoring energy efficiency and carbon emissions as a result of pressure from governments, media and public opinion.

Commented Emma Fryer, associate director with technology industry body Intellect, ‘It will be very interesting to see in the 2013 Census how the industry is coping with mixed messages and incentives/disincentives from governments around the world.

‘Although most governments’ stated aim is to encourage industries including the data centre industry to become more efficient – many are actually doing exactly the opposite with tax disincentives. Many data centres are now extremely efficient compared to small server rooms and the data centres of a few years ago – yet in many countries environmental legislation has been implemented in such a way that large efficient data centres are suffering ‘carbon taxes’ as though they were massive inefficient energy ‘wasters’ whereas small inefficient data centres and server rooms are effectively exempt. So there is an overall disincentive to move to large, well run and more efficient data centres. It’s a crazy situation.’

Research for the 2013 DatacenterDynamics Industry Census, now in its third year, is well underway. The aim is to increase its research base still further this year well beyond last year’s level to between 8,000 and 10,000 companies and professionals surveyed.

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