2017: Pinging In The Changes

Network developments are happening faster than ever. Each year seems to bring with it exponential advancements in an industry that has become one of the quickest developing of our time. Just 10 years ago there was no such thing as 4G, Facebook was just taking off and mobile phones were still very far from being smart. With each turn of the year, it seems, we enter another exciting era of innovation and are introduced to a new wave of indispensable connectivity. So, what does the arrival of 2017 promise?

The big change in mobile communications will be the gallop towards implementing a UK wide 5G network, although, in reality many will welcome the current 4G network becoming more stable and closer to being the nationwide network it was always meant to be. As was the case with the jump from 3G to 4G, though, the eventual adoption of 5G going into 2018 will mean potentially huge increases in the speed by which we’ll be able to download and upload data whilst on the move. The bandwidth could be as much as 10 gigabytes a second, compared to the very fastest 4G connection that can currently manage up to 100 megabytes a second. In fact, the University of Surrey has managed a claimed 1TB of data transfer using a monitored 5G network, so this could well be the speed of things to come.

On a more prosaic level, helped along by the increase in mobile network speed and reliability, cloud storage will continue to make an even greater impact on how we manage our data. Even small companies and organisations will need to climb aboard the cloud wagon, if they are planning to maintain their data on a competitively secure level. This will filter down more and more to a domestic level as home entertainment and other technology increasingly uses cloud storage to store data.

2017 could well be the year of the cloud. With physical media becoming viewed more and more as a potentially insecure and disposable form of data storage, cloud based systems will become the norm and more and more of our data will be accessible on the move.


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