Fulfil your density

Fulfil your density

Draka has launched a space saving high density Category 6 network cable. The compact design of the UC 400 HD C6 U/UTP cable will enable installers to save both time and money by running increased numbers of cables in cable trays and conduits when compared to standard Category 6 U/UTP cables.

The high density Category 6 U/UTP cable has an outside diameter of just 5.25mm, whereas the outside diameter of standard Category 6 U/UTP cable is between 6.0mm to 6.3mm. As a result, Draka’s UC400 Categpry 6 HD U/UTP cable has a cross-sectional area approximately 25 per cent less than that of standard Category 6 U/UTP cabling.

The advantage of the cable’s compact design can be seen using the example of a 300x35mm cable tray. If market standard Category 6 U/UTP cabling is installed in the tray, it can carry 140 cable links. When Draka’s new compact cable is used, the tray’s capacity is increased to 195 links, a 40 per cent improvement.  

In addition to new build projects, the high density Category 6 U/UTP cable will also be beneficial for existing system upgrades. The high density cable’s 5.25mm diameter is the same as that of a lower performance, standard Category 5e cable. The similarity in diameter will enable the performance of existing installations to be upgraded with the new high density cable while reusing the current containment systems, generating significant cost savings in both materials and installation time.

Installers will also benefit from the compact cable’s improved flexibility, box packaging and reduced weight. The Reelex box packaging option makes the high density Category 6 cable easy to move on site; and when the cable is finished the empty cardboard box can be easily recycled. In addition, the compact cable’s reduced diameter means a 305m box of Draka Category 6 HD cable is 2kg lighter than the equivalent 13kg box of standard Category 6 U/UTP cable.

For further information visit: www.draka.com/connectivity


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