Fluke Networks introduces ‘AANPM for Dummies,’ a how-to guide for an integrated approach to network and application performance management

When an organisation’s network slows down, or even worse, fails completely, irate end users don’t care where the problem resides; they just want it fixed. The increasing complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environments have given rise to a more integrated approach to network and application performance monitoring called Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). To help IT professionals understand how best to implement and use AANPM, Fluke Networks has launched a new guidebook, called AANPM for Dummies. Written specifically for network engineers, IT directors and CTOs, this downloadable eBook introduces the latest advances in network and application monitoring in six easy to read chapters. AANPM for Dummies removes the mystery surrounding AANPM and shows how IT teams can use it to eliminate finger pointing and disagreements.

Traditional network troubleshooting can be a time consuming, frustrating process that adversely affects the end user experience and, ultimately, the bottom line. AANPM offers engineers a more accurate and pinpointed view of both the network and applications, which reduces time spent debating where an issue originated.

The eBook explains how AANPM provides clarity and in-depth analysis of the relationships between a network and the applications running on it. Focused on end-user benefits, the book walks through the various unintended challenges created by traditional network management systems and outlines how the growing complexity of networks and the rising demands from end users require a more holistic monitoring approach. It also describes the building blocks needed for successful AANPM and provides several lessons Fluke Networks has learned from hundreds of AANPM implementations.

Doug Roberts, director of Enterprise Products at Fluke Networks commented, ‘This eBook is ideal for network engineers, IT managers or anyone who cares about delivering the best possible experience to their end users. While we wanted the book to describe the finer points of AANPM, we also didn’t want to over complicate it. We are very pleased with the final result and look forward to learning what our customers and prospects think of it.’

‘The strength and reach of the globally recognised ‘For Dummies’ brand helps its clients speak to their customers across the world and spread their message in a variety of formats and translations,” added Steven Edwards, development editor at Wiley Content Management, publishers of the ‘For Dummies’ series. ‘Written in an easy going, conversational style, For Dummies books take the mystery out of complex subjects and make them understandable and engaging. For Dummies are proud to have produced Application-Aware Network Performance Management for Dummies in association with Fluke Networks and are confident this book will prove useful to anyone involved with application and network performance management.’

AANPM for Dummies is available now for immediate download at http://www.flukenetworks.com/AANPM-for-Dummies.

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