Flowmon joins F5 Networks technology alliance program

Flowmon Joins F5 Networks Technology Alliance Program to bring Automated Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Flowmon Networksa vendor of advanced monitoring and security solutions for network infrastructures, announces that it has joined F5 Networks’ Technology Alliance Program (TAP). Together they aim to bring automated DDoS protection solution to service providers and enterprises.

The latest outbreaks, such as Mirai botnet utilising IoT vulnerabilities, have shown that the DDoS attack landscape is entering a new phase. With IoT, attackers have uncovered a new vector of lucrative denial-of-service extortions with unprecedented magnitude. Simultaneously, organisations must still defend against longstanding attack methods, such as DNS flood.

Flowmon and F5 Networks have joined forces in a bid to help service providers fight multi-vector DDoS attacks and to protect their customers’ businesses. The companies say the solution also fits the needs of enterprises which need to ensure availability of their applications.

Petr Springl, Director of Products & Alliances at Flowmon Networks
Petr Springl, director of products & alliances at Flowmon Networks

“Our joint solution combines Flowmon’s top notch DDoS detection capabilities with the mitigation excellence of F5’s BIG-IP platform. All of this on a previously unseen level of automation. The solution ensures the fastest mean time to resolution while freeing the administrator from manual drudgery,” states Petr Springl, director of products & alliances at Flowmon Networks. “At the same time, the administrator has the entire mitigation process under control.” The joint solution is delivered by Flowmon’s partner Infradata in the United Kingdom.

The solution is built upon the integration between Flowmon DDoS Defender and F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (BIG-IP AFM). Flowmon says their solution learns and observes network traffic to detect violations and anomalies, and when a DDoS attack is detected, the solution provides its characteristics, diverts the traffic to BIG-IP AFM, and triggers configuration of BIG-IP AFM. As a result of this, F5’s BIG-IP AFM can automatically initiate an appropriate mitigation path. When the attack is over, Flowmon is informed by BIG-IP AFM, changes the routing back to normal, and cleans the configuration of F5 BIG-IP AFM.

“With deep threat intelligence services and flexible mitigation options, F5 BIG-IP AFM defends against DDoS attacks to all network layers, stopping them before they cause real damage. Specifically, F5 BIG-IP AFM scales to shut down high capacity DDoS attacks that can overwhelm applications, intrusion detection and prevention systems, firewalls, and even networks,” says Frank Strobel, director of business development security partnerships at F5 Networks.

Last year, Flowmon reached a 500% year-to-year revenue growth in UK.  Aspiring to keep this momentum going, the company say it is fortifying its channel and broadening its partner base. Its recently formed business development team, led by Filip Cerny, aims to bring Flowmon’s network intelligence especially to internet service providers and the enterprise market.


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