Edgemesh’s web acceleration platform becomes largest CDN network

How does Edgemesh work?

Edgemesh is claiming its Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the largest globally after only six months in the market. Edgemesh says it now operates on more than 3,500 networks around the world – surpassing market leader and CDN pioneer Akamai’s 1,650+ network count by more than two times. Edgemesh customers now reside in over 126 countries on six continents.

Designed as an alternative to legacy CDNs, Edgemesh says its approach has proven to cut page load time by up to 60%, decrease bandwidth fees by up to 90% and enable businesses to distribute their content globally, all with no necessary infrastructure changes.

With the global e-commerce market expected to reach $4 trillion by 2020, e-brands continue to provide high resolution images, interactive video and enhanced internet experiences to entice new and retain existing customers. These increased features have resulted in an increase in the bandwidth required to deliver web content to customers, up more than 300% in the past seven years alone according to recent figures.

As the globalisation of the internet continues, latency, or the time required to view a web experience is becoming a more pressing challenge to customer retention. Two out of every five consumers will abandon a page which takes longer than three seconds to load.

CDN providers have traditionally colocated acceleration services across the globe to provide for lower latency access. Edgemesh says this results in high bandwidth fees for businesses, overloaded edge servers and single points of failure which can lead to a poor online experience in times of high demand. As CDN market spend continues to grow, companies are looking for new ways to deliver the speed and access their customers require, without breaking the bank on costly architecture.

Edgemesh explains that its approach is a peer-to-peer (P2P) enhanced content delivery network created to transform the market by colocating the content directly on the edge devices and enabling true last mile delivery. Edgemesh transparently scales with a business’ users, allowing the content to reach more regions and provide resiliency against congested legacy backbones. By removing centralised network bottlenecks, Edgemesh can securely replicate user local caches between browsers and deliver optimal content for every user, anywhere on the globe, says the company.

This provides customers with diverse network paths that increase in capacity lockstep with demand. All that is required to run Edgemesh is a simple piece of JavaScript; businesses can add ‘mesh’ capability to their existing web page, allowing their customers to instantly benefit from improved resiliency, better performance and deeper customer insights.

Jacob Loveless CEO of Edgemesh
Jacob Loveless CEO of Edgemesh

“Traditional content delivery is too slow, too costly and too correlated. We realised we needed to change the Web, democratise the CDN market and make it fast, diversified and low cost. In 1997, when the first CDN networks were designed, the internet moved around 100 GB per day; today it’s on the order of 26,000 GB per second. We needed to rethink the way we design and scale delivery networks and build a platform that can scale into the  future” says Jacob Loveless, CEO of Edgemesh.

“With today’s public announcement, we’re showing that a redefined delivery network not only scales quickly, but brings tangible value to online businesses by dramatically improving their page performance, global reach and cost savings. That helps them increase revenues, drive the bottom line and enhance end user satisfaction on any device, on any network anywhere on the planet.”

Brian Lillie, chief customer officer & EVP technology services at Equinix adds, “At Equinix, we have a bird’s eye view of new and exciting network and performance companies which is where we met the team at Edgemesh. We were able to add Edgemesh to our IOA Knowledge Base site in under an hour, and by the end of that same day we saw a 2x improvement in page load time and a more than 30% reduction in server bandwidth. Once in a while we see something that we believe can cause a paradigm shift in an industry, and we believe we’re seeing one right now with Edgemesh and other innovative, edge computing solutions.”


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