Draka OM4 multimode fibre exceeds expectations in optical transmission tests

Draka OM4 multimode fibre exceeds expectations in optical transmission tests

VI Systems GmbH (VIS), a supplier of optical engines and components,  has demonstrated an optical link operating a serial transmission at a data rate of 12.5Gb/s over 1km distance using Draka’s flagship MaxCap-OM4 (50/125µm) multimode fibre. The tests were carried out at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, which provided the high speed test bed and scientific support for the measurements.

A specialist in optoelectronic components for use in short reach optical interconnects, VI Systems developed the V30-850C1SM high frequency vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) used in the tests for datacom applications. The device features up to 2mW optical output power at about 7mW power consumption. The operating voltage is less than 3V. Recent tests produced record low energies expended per bit, approaching 100fJ/bit (femto-Joules per bit).

Singlemode VCSELs extend the reach over multimode fibre by eliminating the impact of chromatic dispersion of glass fibre at 850nm wavelength, which is particularly important for ultra high transmission bit rates for next generation datacom applications. Optical data transmission of up to 35Gb/s has been realised with high speed photo detectors and transimpedance amplifiers from VI Systems.

Fibre deployment is growing exponentially in data infrastructures. With current storage, server and edge devices moving in the direction of 10Gb/s speeds and beyond, a core network now needs to support much higher data traffic speeds. This has lead to the development of 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet standards, designed to address short reach transmission, through parallel transmission over multimode optical fibre cabling, with significant cost advantages over LAN WDM when compared with the use of singlemode optical fibre.

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