The Cactus Concept: An initiative to focus on cyber security

The Cactus Concept

MOBOTIX, provider of high-resolution video surveillance, has announced that it is raising a focus on cyber security by implementing the ‘MOBOTIX Cactus Concept.’ The company says that the concept aims to deliver a comprehensive approach to protecting MOBOTIX products against the threat of cyber-attacks along with education and tools to help customers and partners build and maintain secure video surveillance and access control environments.

MOBOTIX says its objective of the Cactus Concept is to implement a multimedia cyber security campaign in order to raise awareness among potential and existing MOBOTIX customers of the importance of data security in network-based video security systems and how organisations can protect themselves through cost-efficient and intelligent solutions.  End-to-end encryption with no blind spots is required, from the image source via the data cables and the data storage through to the video management system on the user’s computer. Like a cactus, whose every limb is covered in thorns, the company say that all of the modules (camera, storage, cables, VMS) in the MOBOTIX system have digital thorns that protect them from unauthorised access.

“Modern video surveillance and access control technologies help protect people, places and property across the world, but they are increasingly targeted by criminals aiming to infiltrate, take-over or disable these vital systems,” says Thomas Lausten, chief executive officer of MOBOTIX. “With the internet of things trend adding billions of IP connected devices each year, our industry must lead the way in creating secure platforms that can reduce the risk posed by these damaging attacks.”

MOBOTIX says that its ‘Cactus Concept’ protects every element of the design, manufacture and operation of each device along with end-to-end encryption across the entire usage and management cycle.

To ensure the highest levels of security, MOBOTIX says it uses the services of SySS, a highly regarded and independent third-party security testing company that examines the security of both software and hardware elements.

Sebastian Schreiber, SySS CEO affirms, “MOBOTIX has a contract with us to provide further penetration testing of its technology elements. The initial platform testing on a current camera model revealed very positive results and we will continue security testing as an ongoing process.”

“Cyber security has been and will continue to be a core focus for MOBOTIX,” adds Thomas, “and we look forward to working with our peers in the industry, customers and government agencies to protect the very technologies and systems that help make society safer for all.”


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