Bringing high definition surveillance down to earth


Bringing high definition surveillance down to earth

The Y-cam Bullet HD encompasses all the features of the Bullet camera but with added true 720P HD image quality.

It provides outstanding image quality in real time, true 720P HD images with full resolution at 30FPS and is designed to allow users to optimise new technology either at home or within their businesses.

The camera has a range of built-in features; compiling efficien t consumption with the introduction of H.264, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements, making it much easier to use traditional storage methods with HD resolution; true day & night vision, with 12 built in LEDs for infrared night vision and automatic IR cut filter, alongside a number of professional connections, including Ethernet, PoE, and, the uncommonly seen, enhanced Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing a simpler and cleaner method for installation with technology users already utilise.

The Bullet HD Wi-Fi compatibility is a scarcely found feature, especially with the utilisation for Wireless N which uses the latest technology to increase both the wireless network range and operating speed, eliminating the worry of interference or network dropouts, and ensuring users are always connected and secure.

These features do not stand alone either, the camera also incorporates renowned Y-cam features; motion detection recording and alarms, so users are able to capture every detail in HD; two way audio with the camera’s sensitive microphone and easy to connect speaker; plus a variety of recording facilities including the NAS-Ready feature, on camera microSD slot, NVR compatibility and FTP capabilities. These features are enhanced by the camera’s external IP66 rated casing; covered in a sleek graphite finish, making the camera much more appealing and applicable to the residential market and gadget enthusiasts.

The Bullet HD also encompasses an exciting new feature for iPhone and iPad users, as they can now directly access their camera without the need for an app, in full HD and with audio.

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