Airedale set to launch new SmartCool DX inverter-driven PAC at DCD Converged


The SmartCool SV DX i-drive PAC (5-83kW) delivers very precise supply air temperature up to 26°C under variable heat loads and wide outside ambient conditions of between -20°C to +50°C. A unique feature, an optional segregated evaporator coil allows a high level of control over dehumidification and cooling capacity when operating under constant pressure control, helping to manage air distribution and prevent hot spots. Designed for use in high density applications using elevated return air temperatures, hot and cold aisle containment as well as perimeter cooling environments, the SmartCool SV range is available with the option of high capacity compressors for extreme temperature applications.

The SmartCool SV delivers excellent part-load efficiencies, very precise control and lower capacity turndown, providing a highly versatile, resilient cooling solution which can adapt to load requirements.
The innovative ‘slab’ hydrophilic epoxy coated aluminium finned evaporator coil and fan arrangement reduces fan power input and airside pressure drop whilst harnessing the part-load efficiencies of the variable speed compressors and other energy efficient components such as high efficiency, EC (electronically commutated) fans. The inverter drive allows the compressors to ramp their capacity up to 120 rps, delivering extremely tight set point management to optimise system efficiency.

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