3M Blue Sky Warranty provides peace of mind amidst new F-gas Regulation

Novec 1230 fluid addresses the industry’s needs for clean agent fire protection while offering an environmentally sustainable alternative to hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

HFCs are impacted by the latest F-gas Regulation, which come into effect in January 2015.  However, Novec 1230 fluid is not affected by any existing or future legislation, including the new F-gas Regulation. To provide extra reassurance to customers, so they are comfortable and confident in specifying Novec 1230 fluid, 3M is offering the Blue Sky Warranty for a period of 20 years. The Blue Sky Warranty is a global warranty – providing peace of mind directly to the regions impacted by the F-gas Regulation.

In March 2014, the European Parliament voted to support a European Commission proposal to cut the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) 79 per cent below average 2009-2012 CO2 equivalent levels by 2030. Under the regulations, HFC producers will be allocated a production/import quota for HFCs. Because the quota will be in CO2 equivalent and HFCs sold into fire suppression have some of the highest global warming potentials (GWPs) relative to other sectors, this framework does not favour HFCs sold into fire suppression. Thus they are likely to be more severely impacted than HFCs sold into other sectors.  HFC-227ea, HFC-125 and HFC-236fa are targeted in the overall scope of the regulation.  HFC-23 will be prohibited from being placed on the market after 1st January 2016. Therefore, practical implications of the new ruling affect not just emission levels, but also the production and importation of HFCs.

‘It is a mistake to think that the F-gas Regulation can  be dismissed on the basis that HFCs have low emissions in fire suppression,’ said Bart Goeman, business development manager for 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division. ‘The F-gas Regulation is about reducing the use of HFCs through the cap and phase down of the production and importation of HFCs. Plus, given that fire suppression systems can easily be in situ for 20 or more years, any HFC based system already installed or purchased over the next few years will likely be affected by the F-gas Regulation. So, suddenly purchases of HFC based fire suppression systems will not only be faced with immediate price consequences, there will also be more potential future recharge costs and end of life costs when a system is ultimately decommissioned.

‘With our Blue Sky Warranty, we are the only organisation offering global assurance for our synthetic clean agent fire suppression fluid,’ continued Goeman. ‘This reassurance, in addition to the high level of performance, effectiveness and wide margin of human safety makes Novec 1230 fluid an ideal solution for those looking to move away from HFCs.’

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