The Rittal TS IT Rack: See It At Data Centre World 2017


Rittal develops its racks on the basis that systems need to be easy to order, provide a safe environment for servers and other equipment, be modifiable at little or no cost and have an optimum price/performance ratio.

The Rittal TS IT rack has a modular design that enables future investment, as it will allow the user to adapt data centres to include future innovation and additional hardware.

What’s more, the TS IT system offers largely tool-less assembly, meaning easier and less time-consuming upgrades and revisions.

The standard version includes two fully adjustable 19″ mounting levels and a multi-piece roof plate with optimised side-cable entry via brush strips in the roof as well as the option of fan integration. Accessories can be added or modified without tools, as the whole system’s assembly itself it not reliant on tools. This enables intelligent, versatile expansion and real flexibility for customer-specific configurations.

Optimum access

Today’s data centres need to protect and adapt to cutting-edge technology, so racks need to be able to adjust to accommodate the innovation cycles of servers and storage systems. The easy adjustments of the Rittal TS IT rack’s 19″ mounting levels and space-saving integration of the relevant accessories ensure the rack delivers this benefit.

The rack has also been designed to make the optimal use of available space. The vertically divided rear door, which is fitted as standard on all racks over 24U, together with 180° hinges, also allows for direct access to all the equipment.

Addition of RFID

The rack can be readily adapted through systems for automatic inventory systems and for recording the technical features of all installed components. The rack can support the direct integration of specific RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) antennae as an additional feature. What’s more, it is possible to add one of these systems at any time while the rack is in operation.

The mounting angles provide a range of further options. For example, the rack can accommodate both cable routing aids and the space-saving integration of the Rittal power distribution units PDU-i at the rear. These can be fitted directly in the Zero U space between the side panel and rear mounting levels.

What’s the angle?

Adjusting the assembly angles allows the rack to accommodate a range of dimensions from 19″ to 24″ and asymmetric expansion. Whatever the specific requirements are, all you need is the necessary accessory kit.

The TS IT can carry a potential load of up to 1,500 kilograms on the mounting level, as standard. There is a straightforward ordering system, with complete functional modules linked together under a single article number, so you can identify what you need quickly and easily.

What about heat? Too much heat can be ruinous for a complex system

Powerful IT equipment obviously generates a lot of heat, which has to be dissipated safely. So, it’s important to have highly energy-efficient cooling systems for the safe operation of the installed technology.

With this in mind, Rittal decided to identify its future rack generations on its climate control requirements, not its application. Rittal enclosures are now only differentiated by their climate control technology or by rack and/or row climate controls.

The TS IT rack has been designed with climate control in mind, including IT-specific cooling systems and liquid-based cooling systems. All the development that Rittal has done on climate control so far has been confirmed by accredited testing laboratories.

Anything else I need to know?

The TS IT rack also comes with the option of a Flex Block base or plinth, which can be fitted without tools thanks to quick-assembly technology. All this makes the new TS IT rack a flexible solution for the future and a cost-effective way to respond to the changing requirements of the IT environment.

Rittal Ltd is exhibiting the TS IT rack on Stand J10 at Data Centre World, 15-16 March 2017 at the Excel, London.


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